Saturday, December 6, 2008


these are the pics i participate this year ...
Photography competition-Daily:
1st day's theme - Nature's beauty
2nd day - Colors
3rd day - A message to the world
4th day - Fun

i win the 1st price ... but it was juz... i though daily theme should hav 4 price given out...but they juz combine it as 1? and they never mentioned that which picture of mine actually win the contest~ SAD! @@
i spent 10 for the printing n participate fees , but all i get is a mug and a plastic bag ... well mayb the contest is juz for'fun?' and i treat so serious~ LOL
can i get de pics back? XD




well i helped RMMU to design the banner and bantings ... huhu it been hang all over the campus ... happeee =P


reddishTea said...

so panai... i like the color theme 1.... ncie nice

shenTWO said...

hehe tangkiu vali machi~ =P

cm said...

Haha,dont so cham la.I can go see what's left then add somemore to your prize.YOu win all 4 argh? lolz

shenTWO said...

lol~ TAI LO open mouth d~ how dare i tak nak~ XD
u so leng zai ya that day~ ^^