Saturday, February 21, 2009

Sunday, February 15, 2009

After noon (orange)

simply like the middle pic...

c o c o n u t h o l e

feeling they are related... and i'm alone on every afternoon...

Deer mix dog

Ah chuan Babe

Sugar we're going down

sony kit lens 18-70 kao tim~


sony kit lens 18-70 kao tim~


I think I'm not that hate pink colour...

looking through the same eye.

CAt , DOg and Me

a random day... again i spend it with those creatures...


neighborhood cat and ma house doggy...



i see another side u cant see~

i on that way


3 birdy that alway steal ma dog food ...

always 3gether

they are fearless... that i get so near of them... they nvr care of me so do my dog bark... dammit!

wanna BBQ them ...

Malacca wiz FRENZ

Malacca jalan-jalan with HT frenz =P

view from window at jeti


David's sunglasses

Bay watch



gatsby suck my fat...

group photo of 永 春 拳 术 班 (iP Man)


Sunday, February 8, 2009


Will get 1 from ma sista on every new year~ is this counted ang pao?

Done~ on last nite XD it look cool huhuhuhuhu~ XD


Saw it in their room XD

Release a Hung Ming lantern

wuhuhuhu release Hung ming lantern on day 2 of new year
we wrote down our wish and planning to release but ...

FAIL~ XD too windy that day~

CNY '09

Saturday 24 January 09

Clean-up huhuuhu~ 2morrow all relative will come b for new year~ yay

Sunday 25 January 09 (New year eve+Mika bday)

Big dinner =P

drink it... n sleep nicely hehehehe

Monday 26 January 09 (new year)

Having dinner at near by mamak after visit ma 5th uncle(go je) new open K box.

magic show XD
every1 was entertain ... XD