Sunday, October 19, 2008

Holidaying Dairy

well holiday coming~ is time to go home...
again say bye to internet...
but i really cant fall asleep without sign in ma MSN ... 1515 di di di di du du du di du ...
second day wake up~ cannot tahan @@
so come b cyber again XD *taaaa dang~ muahahaha
( actually i forget ma hp & camera charger . and i went kl camera fair huhu i got a new camera bag~ finally i got a camera bag~ =___=!! )
when i reach home i saw our house key on the doorlock(ah her punya) @@
hehe ah her in the house huhu~
im not alone! yatta
feel so excited imagine that cyberjaya just left nobody else =P we can paint the whole cyberjaya in green maybe red , blue? purple better ... nah still hav many lIMKOKWING's student la...
jogging in the early morning and listen to Miles jazz music ... pi ru ba ba di bap ... juz like tasting the fragant of Starbuck's coffee ... slowly slowly melting ... hmmm wat a fresh morning . leisure afternoon ... quite ... water droping sound tip tip du bap di dap laying on the floor and the design magazine beside ... looking at the yellow soft light curtain ... yawning rrrhhhooommmmm~ hav a walk in the beautiful evening looking at the flower through the sunset ...u feel the horizon? the ending of the day ... having Newyork cheessss cake for dinner ... 8pm swim alone at the swimming pool with the 'oboh oboh' beside *hawaii feel~ ba dap ba~
u can play the midnite basketball game wiz the soft rainy day ... breeze ~ PIKABOOMMMMMM wake up buddy~ i have to b to hometown 2morrow again~ T___T
well i think nex time i come b alone to cyber again la~ ... will u join me? =P

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THE SHEZ said...

You have a lot to say don't you?

Anyway, welcome to Blogger.